The Basic Programming Language

Why is Learning How to Program Important?


In this modern world where STEM education is being promoted as something that can provide students with the greatest career opportunities in life, learning how to program is one of the skills that transcends and carries past all forms of education.

One issue in the classroom is how to make lessons come alive; often, students struggle because they aren’t supplied with an avenue to make what they’ve learned appear real to them.

Programming is a confluence of many forms of education and skills like representational algebra, critical thinking, organization, planning, and problem solving. When you learn how to program, being acquainted with all of the other skills is just inevitable. It brings education to life., which is the reason why robotic labs are popular – they turn what a student learns in the classroom into something real and meaningful.

What is the Basic Programming Language?


The basic programming language is a very simple language that is often taught to young students as an introduction to programming computers. It is noted for its simple syntax and ease of implementation. In many ways, modern scripting languages have ceased to consider it as the go-to language of students,, but it still does a great job where teaching the basics of programming languages is concerned.

There are modern basic languages like visual basic, which is a great language to learn if a person has the desire to easily develop software for the windows platform. Once a person learns one language and learns how to think like a programmer, it is easy to pick up new computer programming languages.

How to Learn Any Programming Language


As a person who was a student in a CIS program, I can say that the best way to learn programming is to make it real to you. By doing so, I am echoing the first paragraph and directly relating it to learning how to program. People who spend their time simply reading programming books do not learn how to program as quickly as those who roll up their sleeves and actually try to create something with a programming language.

From my experience, the greatest leaps in programming knowledge and know-how have been from working on projects where I basically learned as I was going along. With Google and enough desire, there’s very little that a wannabe programmer cannot achieve.


Where to Find Online Sources


We are in an age where information has been mostly democratized – at least this is true in the tech arena where a person can learn just about any programming language over the internet, books, online courses, and videos. Do not forget that there are also forums, specifically geared towards programming languages, where you will meet people who are willing to help.

There’s no excuse not to learn programming in today’s world with so many resources available to you and so many opportunities to monetize the skills that you will learn.




We have covered what the basic programming language is, why it is important, what it has been historically used for, how to learn any programming language, where to find resources, and why programming is the perfect tool to make math, logic, problem solving, and organizational training come to life.

Tips for C Programming for Beginners

C is one of the best programming languages for a beginner to learn. It is versatile, incredibly powerful, and it sits in the middle of low-level (device-specific) and high-level programming languages. C programming is said to be slower but it allows you to write more abstract languages in a more human readable form.

c programming language

The original C language used classes and a basic object-oriented system for most of its code, while C++, one of the newer generations of the language, uses objects more extensively – thanks to features such as polymorphism and inheritance.


Learning the Basics


As a beginner, your first priority should be to learn simple syntax. Most beginners start with a program called “Hello World”, which quite simply involves printing Hello World onto the screen. This teaches you the basics of what a program looks like, and also helps you to understand how to use a code editor or Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and a compiler.


From there, you can add extra features – accepting input, such as asking for a person’s name, storing that name in a variable for later reference, and then greeting the user by name. You can also learn about performing operations on variables – perhaps writing a simple calculator using the input and output systems that you have just learned, learning about loops, file handling and more.


These basic features and operations are the same regardless of whether you are using C or C++. They will apply to C# as well, although C# is less commonly used because it is proprietary to Microsoft. You can apply the information in books such as C++ For Beginners to most flavors of the C language, but pure C does lack some of the more advanced concepts surrounding object-oriented programming so you should remember this while learning.


Taking the Next Level


Once you have gained some confidence in writing simple programs yourself, a good way to take your coding ability to the next level is to look at codes that other people have written. For example, you could explore GitHub and Sourceforge for projects that interest you, download the code for those projects, and then read through it.


The code may seem quite hard to understand at first, because full applications can be thousands upon thousands of lines long, but they are worth looking at because once you figure out how a big project is structured and get used to reading comments, you will find that things start to make sense pretty quickly.


Consider joining developer teams like Ubuntu or Debian, and working on contributing to those. These groups have “low hanging fruit” – collections of bugs that are relatively simple for programmers to fix, and that are ideal for people who are just learning, but want to make their time productive.


Doesn’t it feel good to be able to associate your username with a patch that has appeared in a real operating system that is used by millions of people around the world?

Are We Too Dependent On Technology As A Society?

humans become too dependent on technology

Have we as humans become too dependent on technology? There is much debate about this, although even many hardcore technology users will say that they are too dependent. However, they also continue moving forward because it’s pretty difficult to move backward. At some point in their lives, people do rely less on the newer technologies and stick with what they are used to, but that doesn’t stop technology from moving forward with each of the next generations. When asking yourself whether people are too dependent on technology, ask yourself whether or not you think it’s just going to get worse.


It would seem the answer to both of those questions would be yes of course. You hear what seems like fiction stories years ago about technology taking over and now you have drones flying around doing airstrikes and spying on people. You have people with their noses in their smartphones or tablets throughout the entire day. If they’re not doing that, they are watching television or using a computer. One of these days, it could be that people rely on technology so much that they barely experience the outside world. That would be very sad. It’s already sad enough if you ask me.


I have tried to tone down my use of technology, not using social media so much and not owning a cellphone. Yes, that’s right, I am one of those people. I decided not to use a cellphone and instead use my landline phone. However, I’ve found it difficult to stay offline because my job is online. I appreciate my job 100 percent, and the publishing and professional writing industries have both gone online for the most part. It’s part of what happens when technology keeps moving forward.


My view on not using a cellphone and toning down technology is my affinity for the 80’s and 90’s when I was growing up. It was so much better back then, and of course, people always say that about their younger years as they get older. Part of it is just what they experienced and wanting to relive the memories and appreciate that time in history. Part of it is also the fact that people get older and realize more about where the world is heading with all this technology and convenience.


When I talk about this with people, I usually reference the movie The Matrix. Now, when this movie first came out, everyone said whoa, wouldn’t it be crazy if we actually lived like that. However, it would be hard to have related it too much because it seemed like the far away future. It doesn’t seem like it’s too far away in the future now, that’s for sure. Search engines are smarter than ever, and everywhere you go you’re on camera. It makes the people worried about the government spying on them seem a little more legitimate and not just like conspiracy theorists.


Of course, it’s not just whether or not we are too dependent on technology and what that means. It’s also about what it means if somehow one day all the technology wasn’t working properly. There are certainly different systems out there, but what if one of the major system networks or more than one suddenly went down? If there were too many glitches in technology, some people might not even know how to get connected. Have you seen any payphones around lately? Sure, there are home phones, but whether you have one or not, we’re talking about possible mass hysteria, market issues and much more if some kind of universal technology glitched out for the day.


If you think about in depth how the world works, technology issues, especially in the future, could mean many things. It could even mean life or death. If you don’t believe me, I have a great example. You know that they are developing cars that drive themselves. When these vehicles become mainstream, what would happen if there was some type of software malfunction? Sure, the companies will have precautions put in place and safety procedures will be followed. However, there are always going to be those situations where things don’t work right.


It could be disastrous if these self-driving cars suddenly cause many major accidents simultaneously because of some error. All of this might seem far fetched to you, and it could be that this specific example is out there. After all, no one seems to be able to guess the way technology is going to go for the most part. Some things people guess end up ringing true, but it’s always in a different way than what they think. If you believe that we’re too dependent upon technology as a society, are you doing anything about it, or are you like the rest of us, just going with the flow?

The Easiest Ways To Learn Java For Complete Beginners

java - programming language
Java Logo By Silveira Neto (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0]
Learning Java can allow you to program a variety of different applications and website features. This versatile programming language has a lot to offer anyone who is willing to take the time to learn it. Even if you don’t have any experience with programming, you should be able to quickly master the basics so that you can move on to more advanced techniques. Below are some of the easiest ways to learn Java for complete beginners.


Online Classes


As with most computer-related subjects, there are plenty of online classes that center around Java. Some of these classes are free and others require you to pay tuition. In most cases, you can work your way through these classes at your own pace, allowing you to learn on your own schedule. Depending on whether you go with a free or paid option, you may have a teacher who is available to answer your questions. Otherwise, you may be entirely on your own or may have to rely on forums or other online resources for support.


Beginner classes usually start by teaching you the most basic commands as well as how to put them together to create simple programs. For instance, one of your first programming tasks may be to design a program that prints the words, “Hello World.” From there, the classes may take you into more advanced topics, showing you various ways that you can use the programming language to accomplish different things. This can give you a good idea of how the language can be used so that you can determine whether or not it is suitable for the types of apps or programs that you want to create.




The most traditional way to learn Java is by reading a book. There are countless different books that teach everything from basic to advanced Java programming techniques. One of the benefits of using a book is that you can move at your own pace and work through each section until you fully understand it.


Even though books can be useful learning tools, they are not without their downsides. For one thing, they lack the interaction of an online course. You may find it harder to reach out to others for help if you have any questions, simply because you are not connected to other classmates or to a teacher. However, you can still reach out to people on Java-related forums for guidance. Most programmers are more than happy to provide tips to newcomers in order to help them master difficult concepts or challenging parts of programming.


In-Person Classes


Another option is to take classes from an instructor at your local community college or adult education center. This can be a fantastic way to get an in-depth education and to truly learn the ins and outs of Java. Having an instructor on hand to answer questions can go a long way toward clearing up any confusion that you may have. It may also help you master the programming language more quickly.


Despite its benefits, this type of learning is also not without its drawbacks. For one thing, attending class in person can be inconvenient. You may have to rearrange your schedule to fit around your class time. If you happen to miss a class, you may fall behind and find it difficult to catch up. However, it can still be an extremely viable option for learning a programming language.


Once you finish the beginner level class, you can also move on to more advanced classes. These types of classes can give you a taste of computer programming so that you can decide whether or not you want to pursue it as a career before you commit to a longer-term education.


These are some of the easiest ways to learn Java as a complete beginner. If you are interested in mastering this complex, yet versatile programming language, any of these methods can be effective. To choose which one you want to pursue, think about your own personal learning style. Ideally, you should choose a learning method that is a good fit for your personality and the amount of time you can commit to studying or to attending classes.

Benefits Of Business Technology

businesses needs the use of technology

Business technology is something you have to focus on. It is all about the details and knowing how to make things work. You have to pinpoint the benefits that come along with it. You never want it to get to a point where the technology is holding you back.

There are a few benefits associated with the inclusion of technology in business and why owners look at this as being important and something they have to do moving forward.

Let’s take a glance at the benefits of business technology in this day and age and why it is vital.

  1. Improves Accuracy Of Work

    You want the results to be better right? Let’s say you are making a product in the factory, don’t you want things to become consistent? The automation with the use of new technology is something that is powerful enough to make a valuable difference.People will notice the consistency and to be honest, it is one of the more expected realities in this day and age. Customers are not as willing to tolerate products that are not consistent. It has to be the same every single time, or you will despise the results you get in the long-term.

  2. Improves Speed

    How fast is the work being done in your office or factory? Are you not as quick as needed? How many products are you able to yield? These are numbers that matter and you want to aim to get as high as possible to maintain results.The faster you are, the more money you can make.

    This is why it is recommended to pour through everything and ensure the technology is in place and ready to assist you as soon as you get started. Too many people lose out on this because they are reckless and hate the results.

  3. Saves Money

    You always want to save money or things won’t work for you at all. Some people are not saving money, and that is why they are losing. You want to run a business with the idea of making money and saving as much as you can on expenses.With automation, you can gain the ability to do so. It is all about maximizing the materials and being able to cut out the wasted energy.

    When you are not saving money, you are going to look for shortcuts and technology can provide them.

  4. Easier To Control

    Control is something a business owner craves because you are not guessing any longer. You are able to pinpoint where changes are being made and how they are impacting the bottom line. When you have control such as this, you are able to go to sleep at night with a smile on your face instead of being under duress all the time.You want to remain under control because you are then able to make neat changes along the way without having to think about it as much as someone else would have in the past.

    Think about this when you are looking at new tech.

  5. Helps With Analysis And General Data Accumulation

    It is not just about the work being done, but about the analytics as well. You can sit down and run through data to see how the business is doing, and that is key. You always want this information to ensure you are making positive decisions.You will be able to take the analysis and turn it into something special, and that is key. Those who don’t do this are wasting their time. You want to make cutting-edge decisions and technology can help you.

Technology is business has now become mandatory. You can only go so far before you are going to get into trouble. Without technology, you are aimlessly going to see a few results and then it will shut down. In some way, shape, or form you will have to make changes or the results won’t come at all.

Those who are lazy and don’t want to invest in technology are only hurting themselves and their bottom line. Isn’t the goal to earn money? Well, you will have to make these implementations then as soon as you can.

Which Programming Language Should A Beginner Learn?

programming languages

Learning a programming language can open up a whole world of possibilities in terms of what you can do with computers. Depending on what language you learn, you can program complex websites or design apps for mobile devices. Either way, there is a lot of money to be made once you have a good grasp on programming. You can try to get hired by a company or work as an independent contractor, depending on your preferences.


The key to success, however, lies in choosing the right programming language to learn. The good news is that once you master one programming language, learning others is relatively simple. The first one, however, can be challenging since programming requires you to think in a different way than you are used to.


There are no set rules regarding which programming language a beginner should learn first. However, there are a few languages that are easier to learn than others and still provide a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do with them.


One of the most popular languages for beginners is PHP. This server-side language is relatively intuitive to master, simply because the commands make sense on some level when you read through them. This makes the overall concepts easier to grasp, allowing you to quickly and easily learn how to accomplish whatever it is that you want to do. You can literally have your first program up and running in a matter of minutes simply by entering one or two lines of code. Granted, the program may only print a word on the screen or sort a list. However, being able to see quick results can help you stay motivated as you work toward mastering more complex PHP scripting techniques.


Ruby is another extremely popular programming language for beginners. Again, its popularity stems largely from the fact that its commands are easy to read and understand. They make sense when you read through them and it is easy to see what they are doing. Additionally, there are plenty of tools that are designed to make the process of programming in this language as easy as possible. Both of these features make it an excellent beginning programming language to master. Best of all, it is extremely powerful and can be used to create useful features for websites that allow them to be far more interactive and functional.


If you are more interested in developing applications for computers or mobile devices than you are for programming for the web, Python is an excellent language to learn. In fact, it is one of the first languages that most universities have their computer science majors master. Along with being a great choice for building apps, Python is also excellent for analyzing data. If you are interested in creating any type of data mining solutions, this should be your language of choice.


In the past, many people started learning to program with JavaScript. This client-side programming language is useful for providing interactive features on websites. However, there are better languages to start with if you are absolutely new to programming. JavaScript can be challenging to debug. You may find it easier to start with one of the other programming languages instead. However, depending on what you hope to accomplish with programming, JavaScript may be the perfect fit for your needs. It is really a matter of weighing how much work you want to put into learning the language and what you hope to accomplish once you have mastered the language to determine which one is the best choice for you.


If you are interested in programming games, enterprise-level applications, or complex mobile applications, you may want to look into learning languages such as C or Java. In fact, many people recommend starting with C since it has played a role in the development of many of the other programming languages that are used today. That means that once you master C, learning other programming languages will generally be far easier. The only downside to this language is that it can be time-consuming and difficult to learn and doesn’t have the instant gratification of some other languages. This can make it hard to keep yourself on track as you learn how it works. When you don’t see instant results, staying motivated can be a challenge. However, as long as you commit to the process, you should be able to get a good grasp on this language in no time at all.


When it comes to determining which programming language a beginner should learn, there are really no rules. Instead, it is a matter of determining exactly what it is that you hope to accomplish with programming. This can help you choose the language that is the best fit for your ultimate goals and objectives.

Technology And Depression

apple brand technology

It’s human nature to develop. When looking back in history it’s a trait that’s not going to change, because it’s a habit. This is great in many aspects. For example, medical findings in modern times help people to live longer, which is tied directly to advanced technology. But there has to be a balance of some kind. In other words, somebody in some part of the world is suffering at the hands of advanced technology. At this point in time the world needs to ask, can technology cause depression?


Few people stop and consider the effects technology can have on everyone. It makes everything more convenient, safer, faster, more luxurious, and yes, more pleasurable. So how can technology possibly be so bad? Can it really lead to something like depression?


Without beating around the bush, teens are a good example of how bad technology can be. For starters, they’d rather spend time on their phones than sit and talk with someone face to face. More and more kids are turning back the clock on social development. What they don’t know is that this “isolation” in the technological world also leads to depression.


Social media plays a big part in this dangerous cycle. In fact, many adults are falling victim to this impersonal way of communication. Everyone is able to glamorize their life, capture it on video through their smartphones and post it for everyone to see. But the moment others start to see the supposed green grass on the other side the depression kicks in. Regardless of how truthful the post might be, people still see it.


When somebody is unable to compete with all these happy lifestyles they come dangerously close to falling into deep bouts of depression. But on top of this social disconnection, there’s a lack of physical activity. As much as everyone would like to blame fast food chains for the excessive obesity rates, technology deserves part of the blame.


How many children and adults would rather spend time in front of the big screen television, or the laptop, or the phone, instead of running around outside or getting some exercise? Technology has made people incredibly lazy, which is another big factor of depression. If the body doesn’t feel healthy, then the mind is going to follow. Before anybody can realize how unfit they’ve become it’s almost too late.


Then, of course, there’s the physical effect technology has, namely plastic surgery. For a set price an individual can have lips like Angelina Jolie, calves like Jason Statham and all the fat removed from their body. It’s really incredible how far technology has come. But once again, consider the other side of the coin.


What should be a natural thing now received a price tag – and it’s beauty. Everyone has to look better than everyone else. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford these types of procedures, causing a loss of confidence. Eventually, it leads to unnecessary depression.


These are just some of the effects technology has on people and if an in-depth search is done, a lot more things can be found. It’s not healthy to feel awkward with real people in a real room and it’s not healthy to sit in front of the video games all day.


So, to answer the question as honestly as possible, yes. Technology can cause depression and it’s not going to stop. Individuals have to make the conscious decision to moderate their time with technology, otherwise, this global competition is going to get the better of your sanity. Always remember that a gun can’t pull its own trigger. There has to be a finger behind it.

How To Learn Basics Of Computer Programming Online

programming languages

Are you someone who loves to use computer programming? Computer programming can be a lot of fun as long as you have someone fun who is going to teach it to you. There are many ways you can learn this, but the fastest and easiest way to do this by learning all of this online. There are many benefits of learning computer programming online, which will be talked about in more detail below.

You Can Pause Wherever You Want To

The perk about learning online are that you can pause whenever you want to. Most of the times you have to keep up with a teacher who is teaching you, but not when you are learning online. By learning online you are able to pause and go back whenever you want, this way you do not have to rush yourself in order to finish. You can always come back if you are stressed out, which will make things so much easier for you. Honestly, you will also more likely be able to enjoy learning the programming and codes if you are going to be learning online rather than in person as you get to pick your own times rather than rely on others.

A Much More Affordable Option To Choose From

Learning online is so much more affordable than trying to learn any other way, this is because you do not have to pay for it. You can use many mediums to learn or one medium if you want. It all depends on how you learn best. For instance, if you are someone who learns better my watching videos then you should consider learning on YouTube. YouTube is where people upload various videos of them doing the work and is a great way to learn for people who like to learn by watching.

Read Sites

Reading various sites is another way to learn computer programming. One can find different codes that are new online and these are updated faster. Also, by learning online you are able to find solutions to your issues right away and have helped any time of the day you want. This is why a lot of people do not even bother going to a class or learning any other way as the internet has all the information that a person would need who loves to code and also loves to play around with programs.

Overall, if you are a person who has always been wanting to learn how to program your computers you do not have to dream of doing this anymore. You can do this by just going online and finding a medium or way that best suits the way you learn. Doing this will make your life ten times easier. YouTube is the easiest place in the opinion of most people. You should go with people who have the most views as they are most likely doing something right and are giving you the best lessons.

Various Programming Languages Used At Google

Google Search Web Page

Google is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. In fact, for a short time, it also became the most valuable company in the world after taking the crown from Apple. Like all the other big technology companies, a number of programming languages are used at Google. However, there are some programming languages that are used extensively as compared to some of the other languages. In addition to the popular languages, the engineers at Google also use a language called GO which was created at Google.

While Google has not officially said the programming languages preferred by its engineers, it is commonly known that Python, Java and C++ are the most prevalent programming languages used at this technology company. C++ programming language is used for powering computer intensive back-end servers. As you may know, Google has a number of big data centers all over the world. These data centers house millions of servers and therefore, an efficient programming language is needed to make sure that all the computations are done in an efficient manner.

Java programming language along with a number of libraries and servlets is used for application logic. Java is platform free which means that it can be used on any kind of operating system and this is why engineers at Google prefer to use this programming language. Java is also commonly used in various others applications.

Most of the Google engineers use Python to write scripts. Some of the applications on App Engine as well as parts of Youtube have been written in Python. In fact, many Google engineers have said on record that they prefer Python programming language as it is very efficient and great for the search engine.

In addition to these main languages, some of the others languages that are heavily used include JavaScript as well as GO. JavaScript is mainly used for client side coding and sometimes, it is translated from Java. GO is also used for highly concurrent systems but it is not as popular as some of the other programming languages.

Ruby, PHP and Perl are also used occasionally for web pages and small scripts but not much on production sites. Overall, these are some of the main languages used by engineers at Google. However, this does not mean that they are not going to use other programming languages or they are against the use of other programming languages for applications and projects.

Google is quickly evolving as a technology company. It is investing in a variety of projects such as moon shot projects including The Internet through balloons in the sky and autonomous cars among others. It’s programming need with keep evolving with time as it moves into new areas and try to solve problems with the help of software.

If you are looking to get a job at Google and want to learn a programming language, is it is recommended to learn C++, Java and Python as most of the programming questions are likely to be asked from these languages. However, most of the programming experts also agree that a particular language is not that important in the larger context as a programmer should be more focused on application logic. It is not that difficult for a programmer to learn a new language as most of the times, the only thing that makes a language different is its syntax and syntax can be learned easily.

There are a number of free as well as paid resources available online that can help you in learning these languages in a quick manner. There are a number of textbooks as well as interactive programs and video tutorials that can help you in learning these languages within a short period of time.

2016 Programming Languages in Demand Ranking

programming languages

There is no question that computer programming is a skill that is in as high demand as is ever been. If you’re going to do business in today’s world, or even just get your message out then you need to have a website. Most people understand this concept at this point, however, there is no one programming language that covers every single specific need every different website is going to have. In other words, we’ve come a long way from just plain HTML and there are plenty of programming languages that are in high demand for 2016 and beyond.

SQL Programming Languages

When you are talking about SQL programming languages you are mainly talking about databases. This is the type of programming language that is used on servers, which means it is critical for most big businesses, website hosting companies, and even smartphone apps to have people on hand who understand this programming and know how to fix any potential errors that come up in the database. This language is as close to a job guaranteeing skill as one can have.

Java Programming Language

Java is an extremely popular programming language that is over two decades old now. This language is known for its strong compatibility in working with devices and other types of coding and is the coding that is used for all android phone apps. In addition to this, many big-name websites choose to use Java as the backbone of their website including retail giant, professional social media website, and even the popular entertainment websites

JavaScript Programming Language

Java and JavaScript are two very different languages, and JavaScript is used primarily for video, pop-up ads, script writing, and producing functionality for some very basic website games. All this type of language has gotten a little bit of a bad rap because search engines cannot crawl it, that just goes to show the importance of using JavaScript properly as an accessory to a website as opposed to the main programming language everything is built off of.

The Beginner’s Beauty of Python Programming Language

when it comes to finding a high-quality programming language that is easy to use, easy to learn, and still delivers on the ability to create an exceptional website, Python is the way to go. Named after Monty Python, this language is designed to be as simple as possible and to reflect The English language as closely as it is able to make it easy to learn and pick up. There are many different big-time websites that actually use Python including PBS, Reddit, and even the official website of NASA.

C and C++ Programming Languages

These are two related programming languages that may not have the popularity that they use to with the rise of Java, Python, and Ruby, however these programming languages are still in high demand and are extremely functional especially when building applications like Adobe, anything iOS, Microsoft applications, and other similar programs designed to run off a .Net function.

In Conclusion

There are many different computer programming languages to choose from but there is no question that the ones in this list are consistent amongst those that are in the highest demand.